United States

United States

EB-3: Employment-Based Immigration

EB-3 Visa is a category for USA employment-based green card/permanent residency. Semi-skilled workers or other professionals qualify for this type of USA work visa.

For semi-skilled workers, eligibility is judged through education, skills and work experience.

Processing Time: 2 – 3 Years

Basic English skills are required.

Full-time permanent employment and labor certification is required.

Foreign workers can obtain green cards.

Live & work permanently along with their families.

Spouse & unmarried children under 21 years of age are permissible to settle along.

After certain working years, foreign workers may switch to other employers and jobs.

EB2 - NIW: National Interest Waiver

This program was started again in January’2022, it previously started in 2015 during the presidency of Mr. Obama. This program promotes qualified and skillful candidates with progressive career, directly offers Green Card and the requirements of Labour Certification/Employer Sponsorship has been waived off for this stream specifically.

Processing Time: 9 months

Progressive experience during your professional career is required.

Your abilities must benefit/contribute to the U.S. economy.

Advanced Degree or/and Exceptional skills required.

No age restriction is applicable.

No language proficiency test required.

No proof of fund is required.

No point-based system.

No validated Job-Offer Letter required.

*For quick contact, Call Emigrants @ +92322-2040201.

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