Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is my eligibility criteria for any skilled immigration program?

    The eligibility criteria is based on age, educational degree, professional experience, language proficiency as well as skill program or state requirement of any particular filed and depends upon comprehensive ranking score/point system of the particular country. So, feel free to contact us and book your meeting appointment with one of our experts to assess your profile.

  • Under which kind of immigration program may I apply?

    There are countries where different federal/capital or state and provincial nominee programs are available based on the occupation in demand and eligibility scores of skillsets. We can suggest you better after the assessment of your profile accordingly, so do not wait to book a free consultancy session with our professional advisors.

  • How long do we have to wait what is the process time for immigration applications?

    The timeline may vary on case-to-case basis and the applications for permanent residence are different as per the category, but ideally, processing time is much quicker than before, feel free to contact us to find out the latest options from immigration.

  • What might be the cause of refusal of my application?

    Refusal of an application might vary for numerous reason, as it may be about the qualifying criteria, immigration category selection in which the application applied. Or, it may be disqualified due to a criminal, financial default record or some serious health issues. Do share us your obstacles in immigration application to overcome such issues.

  • What happened in case of my application refused?

    Applicant has the right to appeal within a certain timeline for each application. In case the application is refused, please do not hesitate to contact us to seek expert advice on such matters.

  • Why do I need to consider Emigrants for my immigration process?

    Emigrants has collaborations with the law immigration firms & attorneys for the program that are offered to make sure the specialized & skillful professional handles your immigration case throughout the process as per their technical knowledge according to the latest updates regarding the policies and timelines, so book your appointment with our advisors as soon as possible.

  • What is the language proficiency or IELTS Score required to migrate?

    Language proficiency is a must and the IELTS is required for all skilled & business immigration programs. However, there are few categories where very low scores are also acceptable do not wait and hesitate just because of IELTS or language barrier take a free consultancy session with our advisors today.

  • What is an Immigration Consultant?

    An Immigration consultant is a professional that helps individuals / families who intend to move to another country for future settlement. The Advisor will provide you with the requisite information, help you arrange the required documents, as well as submit and monitor your application so as to increase your chance of successfully immigrating to your desired country. So feel free to give us a call @ +92-322-2040201.

  • What are the roles/duties of an Immigration Consultant?

    The range of activities that Immigration consultants do: - Assisting and advising clients - The main roles of immigration consultants is advisory. The advisors are very knowledgeable about the immigration process, so they provide professional advice that will help you make informed decisions. - Client’s immigration application - the consultant will help you through your application process to ensure that you have all the required documents, that you fill the forms completely and minimizing the errors, etc. - Client’s visa assessment – the consultant tells you possibilities of you a getting visa approval. - Visa interview guidance/assistance – If you have been approved for a visa, the best immigration consultants can also help you to prepare for visa interviews.

  • What is the difference between immigration lawyer and immigration consultant?

    The immigration knowledge lawyers possess is mostly from experience, whereas immigration consultants gain knowledge through both experience and specialized study.

  • Which is the most suitable immigration program for me?

    We need to evaluate your profile to suggest you that accordingly. However, we have free of charge first stage of assessment to know more about you. Please contact us for further information immediately. For quick contact, Call Emigrants @ +92322-2040201.<br /> #BetterCallUs

  • How much do licensed Immigration Consultants/Attorney charge?

    Immigration Consultant/Attorney Fees:</p> <p>For Canada:<br /> Skilled Worker:<br /> Federal Skilled Worker: $3,500 – $5,000<br /> Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) $4,500 - $7,000(depends on the province)</p> <p>Study:<br /> Study permit application (with no prior refusals) $2,500 - $3,500<br /> Study permit application (with prior refusals) $3,500 - $7,000+ (depends on the particular case, like reason for prior refusal, number of prior refusals, etc)</p> <p>For US:<br /> Skilled Worker: $20,000 - $40,000 (depends on the particular case, like reason for prior refusal, number of prior refusals, etc)</p> <p>Study:<br /> Study permit application (with no prior refusals)= $6,000<br /> Study permit application (with prior refusals)= $5,000 - $15,000+ (depends on the particular case, like reason for prior refusal, number of prior refusals, etc)


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